MCPL Director Named KPLA Chair

The Kentucky Public Library Association (KPLA) proudly announces Tammy Blackwell, Director of the Marshall County Public Library, as its newly appointed Chair. Blackwell's appointment was made official during the organization's annual conference held in March.


As a pivotal figure in the library community, Tammy Blackwell brings a wealth of experience and dedication to her new role. With her leadership, the KPLA aims to continue its mission of advancing public library services across the state of Kentucky.


The Kentucky Public Library Association, one of the three sections of the Kentucky Library Association (KLA), stands committed to promoting professional growth, enhancing library services, and fostering collaboration among library agencies. In accordance with the KPLA Constitution, the association's objectives are threefold:


1. **Encouraging Professional Growth:** KPLA strives to provide its members with ample opportunities for study and participation in professional activities. Under Tammy Blackwell's guidance, the association will bolster efforts to facilitate continuous learning and development among library professionals.


2. **Promoting Service Improvement:** The KPLA remains steadfast in its commitment to enhancing public library services not only in Kentucky but also nationwide. With Tammy Blackwell at the helm, the association will spearhead initiatives aimed at elevating the quality and accessibility of library services for all communities.


3. **Fostering Cooperation:** Collaboration is key to advancing library services, and the KPLA recognizes the importance of cooperation with other library agencies. Through strategic partnerships and alliances, the association, under Blackwell's leadership, will work towards improving library services of all types across Kentucky and beyond.


“Kentucky’s public libraries are changing lives and building stronger communities every single day,” says Blackwell, who has been employed by the Marshall County Public Library since 2006. “I am honored to have so many wonderful, hard-working library workers put their trust in me.”


Tammy Blackwell's appointment as Chair of the Kentucky Public Library Association heralds a new chapter of growth and innovation for the organization. Her vision, combined with the dedication of KPLA members, promises to propel the association towards even greater achievements in the realm of public library service.

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