MCHS Partners with MCPL's MakerSpace

The Marshall County Public Library partnered with students in the Marshall County Leadership class this semester to create three student-designed and student-made projects for their schools.


Using equipment housed in the Makerspace, located inside the library system’s Benton branch, students created a banner to be used by the MCHS volleyball team, acrylic signs to be posted inside Benton Elementary School, and an acrylic and vinyl sign for the MCHS principal’s office.


Nick Adams, Technology and Facilities Coordinator at the library, trained students to use the Makerspace equipment and then oversaw their work as they made each unique project its own.


“It has been a great opportunity for students to learn 2D design skills outside of school and take advantage of what the library’s Makerspace has to offer,” Adams said. “More importantly, it has given them the opportunity to give back to their community, and to create and give something to be proud of for years to come. It has been awesome working with the students in the leadership class, and I’m excited to see what projects we complete next year.”


The three projects were designed and cut by leadership students Evie Powell, Landon Rudd, Kinley Koch, Kenzlee Terry, and Evylee Terry using Inkscape, a vector graphic software available in the library’s Learning Lab and Makerspace. Adams helped the students apply the vinyl to the acrylic signs, which they then delivered to the schools.


Toddie Adams, Director of Gifted Services at Marshall County Schools, said the three-year collaboration between the MCSD GT Program and the MCPL Outreach Program has been highly effective, giving students the opportunity to learn practical and transferable skills.


“The feedback from the students, MCDSD personnel, and Nick Adams confirms the success of the mentorship,” Adams said. “The students have created products that are now housed in the schools and are a legacy to both the library and the Leadership class.”


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