As of the new fiscal year (July 1, 2024), the Marshall County Public Library will be making changes to two of their services in order to best utilize tax funds


As of July 1, only residents of Marshall County will have access to Hoopla. Hoopla is a pay-for-play service, which means the library must pay a fee for each and every checkout. In the past two years, the monthly bill has more than doubled, causing a strain on library finances. In order to continue to provide this great service for Marshall County’s tax payers, the library is limiting access to only those persons with a Marshall County zip code and reducing the maximum number of checkouts to 15 (previously 20). If you live outside of Marshall County and use Hoopla, please contact your local library to inquire about the availability of Hoopla in your county.


Additionally, as of July 1, only Marshall County residents will be allowed to check out a hotspot device. Our hotspot service was initially funded by the FCC’s Emergency Connectivity Fund, which has now expired. Circulation data has shown that when hotspots are checked out to persons living outside of our taxing district, they are less likely to be returned. This creates a greater expense for the library and takes service away from those residents who need it.


Residents of Kentucky’s Region 1 will still have access to all of Marshall County Public Library’s many other services and programs. Information about the library and its digital services can be found at

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