Request for Reconsideration of Library Materials

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The MCPLS has adopted the following American Library Documents:

  • Library Bill of Rights
  • Freedom to Read Statement
  • Intellectual Freedom Statement
  • Freedom to View

The principles of Intellectual Freedom shall apply to material selection and is outlined in the Library’s Collection Development Policy. The selection of library material for minors is the responsibility of the parent or guardian. However, material rated for adult use by the Motion Picture Association of America or Recording Industry Association of America may not be checked out to patrons under the age of 17 years old.

Selection will be based on the merits of the material in relation to the Library's collection development priorities. An attempt will be made to include materials which present various viewpoints on controversial issues. The presence of an item in the collection does not indicate the Library's endorsement of its content.

Library staff uses Library policies, established procedures, and professional judgment in selecting, classifying, reclassifying, and de-selecting items in the collection. If material has been accepted as qualifying under the criteria within these policies, it will not be removed from the collection Patrons who reside in Marshall County with a library card in good standing and feel an item does not meet the criteria of the Library’s policies or has been misplaced within the collection may suggest that certain materials be reconsidered using the Reconsideration Form in this policy.

Due to the time it takes to properly review materials, the Library will only be able to accept one title per patron per month. A maximum of three titles will go through the full reconsideration process in a thirty-day period. Once a title goes through the reconsideration process, it will not be eligible to go through the process again for twenty-four months.

Steps Reclassification or De-selection Request:

  1. Patron completes Reconsideration Form and submits to Library staff.
  2. Library staff submits the form to a member of the Management Team.
  3. A review team that includes members of the Management Team will be formed to review the Reconsideration Form and determine if the request meets the criteria of this policy.
  4. Within thirty days of Library Staff receiving the Reconsideration Form, the Director will communicate with the patron if the material will be going through the reconsideration process and establish a timeline for the process.
  5. The review team will carefully review the material in question to determine if the material qualifies for the collection under the Selection Material/Collection Development Policy.
  6. The review team will make a decision as to whether to keep the material as-is, reclassify the material, or deselect the material.
  7. The Director will inform the patron of the team’s decision via written communication once the decision is made.

Created 01/22/09 Updated 09/20/23

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