Maker Space

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Current Training Schedule

Monday (pm): Laser Cutter
Tuesday: TBA
Wednesday (all day): Laser Cutter
Thursday: TBA
Friday (pm): 3D Printer

CLICK HERE to apply for training
CLICK HERE to download a copy of the maker space policy

BOSS LS2440 - Laser Cutter


•Requires completion of laser cutter training to use
CLICK HERE to view a video of a project completed using the laser cutter
•Cutting Area: 24x40in
•Software available in maker space: LightBurn

Peopoly Phenom - MSLA 3D Printer


•Requires completion of 3D printer training to use
•Print Volume: 270x155x400mm
•Software available in maker space: Chitubox

Graphtec CE6000-60 Plus - Vinyl Cutter


•Requires completion of vinyl cutter training
CLICK HERE to view a video of a project completed using the vinyl cutter
•Max Cutting Width: 23in
•Software available in maker space: Graphtec Studio

Budget RL2700 - Laminator


•Lamination Size: 27in
•No software required

US Cutter FLHP - Heat Press


•Press Dimensions: 15x15in
•No software required