Kindle: eBooks from OverDrive

Getting Started

You can check out eBooks from our library and deliver them to a Kindle or Kindle reading app of your choice. If you are using a Kindle Fire or Fire HD, please refer to Getting started with Kindle Fire devices.

Note: Kindle Books are currently available for US libraries only.

What you need

How it works

  1. Install software (non-Kindle devices only)

    For computers and non-Kindle devices, install one of these Kindle reading apps:

  2. Borrow titles from our library's website

    Use a computer or tablet to open our library's digital collection website (find it here).

    From there, borrow a Kindle Book and complete checkout on Amazon's website. You will be able to wirelessly send the book to your Kindle device or reading app. Kindle devices require a Wi-Fi internet connection to download most books from Amazon.

    Note: Certain publishers' titles are not available for over-the-air delivery. For these, you will need to download the title to your computer, then transfer it to your Kindle via USB. Please see Amazon's support page for instructions on how to do this.

    Kindle Books checked out from your library are saved to your Kindle account so that you can download them multiple times during the lending period, if desired.

  3. Enjoy

    Once you deliver a library Kindle book to your device or reading app, it works like any other Kindle Book. Your bookmarks, notes, and reading progress are synced with your Kindle account so that you can access these features from any Kindle or reading app as long as you have Internet access. Additionally, if you ever check out the same title again or buy it from the Kindle store, your notes will be preserved.

    You can also read borrowed Kindle Books on Kindle Cloud Reader. With Kindle Cloud Reader, you can read Kindle Books from any compatible web browser (ChromeFirefox, or Safari) while connected to the Internet.

Want to know more?

If you need help with Kindle or Kindle reading apps, please visit Amazon's support page.

Guide retrieved from OverDrive's Self-Assist Portal