February 14, 2022 - Marshall County Public Library Adopts “Fine Free” Policy

February 14, 2022
For immediate release


The Marshall County Public Library is spreading the love to its patrons in a unique and enduring way this Valentine’s Day: by eliminating all overdue fines on library material from here on out.

Beginning today, Feb. 14, MCPL will be “fine free,” joining several other libraries in the state. The library board of trustees voted in favor of this decision to erase barriers to library use.

“Marshall County is excited to join the dozens of Kentucky public libraries that have already eliminated late fees,” said library director Tammy Blackwell. “We are constantly saying that libraries are evolving to meet the needs of our communities, and this is just the latest change to make sure all Marshall Countians have access to the library.”

While the policy change eliminates overdue fines, patrons will still be charged the replacement cost for any lost or damaged items belonging to the library. In addition, if a patron has overdue items, their library card will become Digital Only until those items are returned or paid for.

“Late fees produce a barrier to library services, especially to our most at-risk populations,” Blackwell said. “By removing late fees, we are improving equity of services and hopefully encouraging patrons to bring back any library materials they’ve been hanging onto because they knew they couldn’t pay the fee.”

As part of this change, the library will also be eliminating any existing overdue fees on patron accounts. For more information about going fine free, call the library at (270) 527-9969.