November 30, 2021 - Marshall County Students Utilize MCPL Makerspace

November 30, 2021
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After using the Marshall County Public Library’s Makerspace software to create their own two dimensional graphics, eighth grade students from both South and North Marshall Middle Schools will soon be able to admire their creative design work in the halls of their respective schools.

Part of a tech outreach program that will last 24 weeks, SMMS and NMMS GT students are able to use vector-based graphic design software available in the library’s Makerspace, but within the confines of their own school walls, after being downloaded onto six laptops for the school’s use.

“Students had the freedom to choose to complete a project utilizing the vinyl cutter or the laser cutter,” said Marshall County Public Library’s Technology and Facilities Coordinator Nick Adams. “During the design process, I was able to give guidance and advice to ensure that their graphics were going to be practical to use with the material and equipment of their choosing.”

After their designs were completed, the first class of eight SMMS students took a field trip to the library’s Makerspace, where they were able to watch the equipment be put to work, using the designs they had created. Their work was then put on display in the atrium at their school.

“I think it’s really cool to see your digital designs come to life and have the opportunity to see how it works,” said South Marshall Middle School GT student Lauren Noles.

Both Noles and Maggie Ralph, another South Marshall GT student, agreed that getting the opportunity to express their creativity through technology was a very enjoyable experience.

Tech Outreach
Bottom Row: Jaley Charette, Niki Huffmaster, Ava Gardner, Caleb Bronson  
Top Row: Nick Adams, Avery Lovett, Thomas Bagby, Eli Holt, Lauren Noles