February 26, 2021 - Library Branches Reopen As Marshall County Moves Out Of Red Zone

February 26, 2021
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After being closed to the public since November due to the number of Covid-19 cases in the county, all three branches of the Marshall County Public Library have reopened their doors and are offering limited-open services.

While in-person browsing and computer use is an option again, patrons are asked to wear a mask at all times, sanitize, and limit their visits to 15 minutes to protect the library’s most vulnerable patrons.

Curbside service is still being offered and utilized, but Benton Branch Manager Lenisa Jones said having patrons in the building is a welcome change for library staff, who have missed working with them.

“The opportunity to re-open our doors and offer at least some browsing time to patrons who prefer that over curbside felt really good to be able to do,” Jones said. “We will always be happy to offer curbside to those who need that as a safe option, but it feels great to see people back in our buildings again.”

Library staff are also taking measures to ensure the materials that patrons receive are clean and safe, as they continue to quarantine and sanitize all material that is returned to any of the three library branches.

For patrons who want to utilize the library’s services from the comfort of their own home, browsing the digital library is the safest option, and is available day or night. Free books, movies, and music are available to patrons who have a library card and can be accessed by going to marshallcolibrary.org.

All three branches of the Marshall County Public Library are open Monday through Saturday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. For additional questions about offerings or digital services, call the library at (270) 527-9969.