Eclipse 2017

Everyone in the continental United States will have a solar eclipse on August 21, 2017, but only those within the roughly 70-mile-wide path of totality will have a shot at the most awesome celestial event one can experience: a total solar eclipse. Outside the path, observers will witness at best a deep partial eclipse, which is nowhere near as exciting. Did you know our area is part of the best viewing area for the 2017 eclipse? Not just the best viewing area for this region, but for the ENTIRE COUNTRY!? We are in the region that will have the best view and the longest available viewing time.

Here's a few tips and a little information about the eclipse: 
Obviously the solar eclipse of August 21, 2017, occurs on August 21, 2017! That's a Monday during the school year. This is such a big event that Marshall County Schools are closed specifically for the Eclipse!

It takes about 90 minutes for the Moon's dark shadow to cross the country, starting around 10:15 am Pacific time on the West Coast and ending around 2:45 pm Eastern time (11:45 am Pacific time) on the East Coast. When you hear someone say, "the total eclipse lasts 90 minutes," that's what they mean. But that could be misleading: At any given location within the path of the Moon's shadow, the total eclipse lasts at most 2 minutes 40 seconds — don't be late!

The eclipse will begin in our area at 11:54 that morning and the total eclipse will be at 1:22 that afternoon lasting until 1:24. The eclipse will officially be ended by 2:49 pm. 

Did you know: The Largest Cities in the U.S. will only get to view a partial eclipse (None of the largest U.S. cities will get to see the total eclipse because they are not geographically located in the path)

Library Activities:

Saturday, August 19:

@Calvert City: Eclipse Stations and Activities going on throughout the day. 2:00 PM: Eclipse Magic Show featuring Darshwood, a Vegas style magic show NOT just for kids but especially aimed at adults.

Monday, August 21: The Youth Services Team members are busy preparing stations and activities throughout the entire day at all three branches.

@Benton: Ms. Beth will have educational and fun eclipse related stations set up inside and outside. Additionally, Ms. Beth will be conducting a special Storytime at the Clarks River Wildlife Refuge area, but will be back to help facilitate stations at the library.
@Calvert City: will have several fun stations set up for kids to enjoy including a Saturn Ring Toss, Rocket Ship Picture Station, Moon Rock Toss, as well as many more!
@Hardin: Ms. Sara will have stations set up for people to enjoy an Eclipse Viewing Party at the Library!

The Library will close for an hour so employees may be outside when the total eclipse occurs.

We will be selling glasses for 50¢/each (our cost) beginning August 1. Glasses will be limited to 2 pair per patron. Glasses will also be made available free (while supplies last) to children's programming participants beginning in August.