About our Bookmobile

The Bookmobile is a unique location of the library in that it brings library materials to people. It serves as an alternative to stationary locations, and can go places where library use may otherwise be minimal or nonexistent, breaking down barriers of unfamiliarity and reaching people who cannot get to a library building due to physical, economic, social, geographic, or other barriers. In fulfilling this mission, the primary functions of the bookmobile are to:

Offer current popular materials and reference information for people of all ages

Promote basic literacy and a lifelong desire to read

Present programs to encourage continued use of the bookmobile, particularly for children

Introduce readers to library services

Provide personalized library service in a cozy, friendly environment

Generate a positive image of the library as a whole by being highly visible throughout the entire community

The Bookmobile is not a replacement to traditional library services, however functions as an alternative outreach service.

Bookmobile service is for homebound patrons, nursing homes, schools, homeschools, daycares, assisted living homes.  In addition, there are several Community Stop locations at which you can utilize the Bookmobile.  The Bookmobile does not make home visits to individuals who are not homebound.  To request that the Bookmobile begin visiting your location, please contact Kristi Tucker @ 270-527-9969 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.