Local Historians - we've got you covered!

Do you consider yourself a history buff? We do too!

Did you know we have a Local History page? We love local and state history and we're very proud of what we've accomplished with the page. We recently added the TV series A Walk in Time with Justin Lamb as well as videos of Marshall County Fiscal Court meetings going all the way back to 2012. 

As always, we have WCBL's Marshall County Oral History Collection and WCBL's Coaches Show and they can be downloaded to your computer for offline listening!

There's the Kentucky Digital Library's Oral History Collection, Pass The Word, and many more options to catch up and learn about your state and the area around you. Check it out and be sure to share with friends.

What is the Dark Web?

A lot of terms are thrown around in the news today regarding the Dark Web or Deep Web. Hackers, TOR, Bitcoin, the group Anonymous, and cryptovirus just to name a few. Are there questions you've had, but didn't know who or where to ask?

We're testing the waters for interest in a seminar regarding all these things and more. 

Click here to let us know!

Now Recycling Used Ink Cartridges!

We are also accepting for recycling:

  • • Cell Phones
  • • Cell Phone Accessories
  • • GPS
  • • Radar Detectors
  • • Calculators
  • • eBook Readers
  • • iPods/MP3 Players
  • • Digital/Video Cameras
  • • PDAs
  • • iPads/Tablets
  • • Video Games
  • • Video Game Consoles

All items will be recycled through the Planet Green fundraising program.
Sorry, but we cannot take LASER toner/cartridges at this time.


Do you know KYVL?

You don't? Well, introduce yourself! 

KYVL is the Kentucky Virtual Library. It is dedicated to supplying all Kentuckians with a comprehensive and dynamic collection of information, but what does this mean for you? Resources are seperated into categories: Students and Professionals. It's further broken down into age ranges for Students - from elementary to college, and broken down by diciplines for Professionals. 

From literary selections for young readers, lots of media-rich content, atlases and timelines, resources that help you build and present knowledge, to resouces for teachers and healthcare professionals, there's no shortage of useful information - all available at your fingertips. 

Click here to visit KYVL.

Login information cannot be provided until requested. Get it by calling (270) 527-9969.