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Local History

A Walk In Time with Justin Lamb

The Marshall County Public Library has partnered with Justin Lamb and his producers to bring you A Walk In Time. Normally shown on Mediacom's local access channel, the show's producers have been gracious enough to allow us to archive the videos from this series. 

Click this link to access the videos from A Walk In Time with Justin Lamb.

Click this link to access the Justin's A Walk Through History Facebook page.

A special thanks to Denise and Dale Hargrove and Justin Lamb for making this possible!

Kentucky Digital Library's Oral History Collection

Brought to you by the Kentucky Digital Library is a huge database of the State's oral history. Hosted by the University of Kentucky, Western Kentucky University, and Eastern Kentucky University, with collections ranging from Moonshiners and Revenuers Oral History Project, the University of Kentucky Medical Center Oral History Project, Robert Penn Warren Civil Rights Oral History Project, Immigrants in the Coal Fields Oral History Project, and so many more. 

Click this link to access the Kentucky Digital Library's Oral History Collection.

Kentucky's Historical Markers Database

Ever passed by one of those signs along side the road and wondered what it said? Been meaning to stop and read it sometime? This database will allow you to search through all of Kentucky's Historical Marker signs. Search by County, keyword, subject, or marker number.

Click this link to access Kentucky's Historical Markers Database.

Marshall County Fiscal Court Recordings

Here you have the option to watch videos of the newer Fiscal Court meetings, or you can listen to audio from Fiscal Court meetings from 1978 through 1980. Through the digitization process, many of the audio tapes were  damaged and the audio was irrecoverable. Where possible, the audio was extracted in parts. Those recordings are noted as "partial" or "part."

Click this link to access the audio collection. The episodes may be downloaded to your computer or other device for offline listening.

Click this link to access the video collection. 

A special thanks to Freeland Broadcasting for allowing us to archive their videos of the meetings.

Pass The Word

Pass the Word is a discovery tool for oral history collections throughout the state of Kentucky. With over 100 archives participating by contributing their collections information, new content continues to be added.

Click this link to access the Kentucky State Oral History Archive.

WCBL's Coaches Show

Join WCBL's Jeff Waters as he interviews some of Marshall County's most influential coaches over the years.

Click this link to access the largest digitized collection of the series. The episodes may be downloaded to your computer or other device for offline listening.

WCBL's Marshall County Oral History Collection

The Marshall County History Project consists of 257 oral history interviews conducted by Ray Mofield during the 1970s and 1980s for WCBL radio of Benton on the history of Marshall County, Kentucky. The interviews discuss rural schools and churches, local businesses, prominent businessmen and politicians, significant events, recollections from World War I and World War II veterans and various other topics unique to Marshall County. 

Click this link to access the largest digitized collection of the series. The episodes may be downloaded to your computer or other device for offline listening.


The Value of Your Library

Libraries provide uncountable value to their communities! We provide many services to the public at no cost. If you were to rent a movie or buy a book from a retail store, you would be spending money out of your pocket. 

We've created a calculation table for you to see just what the library means for you. 

To see how much money you would have spent if you hadn't used your Marshall County Public Library, click here

What's the Library worth to you?

Library Use Value Calculator
Calculate the Value of YOUR Library Use!

Curious how much the services the library provides you would cost if you had to pay for them directly? To find out, just enter in the lefthand column the number of times you or your family use each service listed down the center. The estimated retail value of each service will be calculated on the right, and the total value of your library use is shown at the bottom of the worksheet - and let us know what you think about our library service using the comments form at the bottom of the page.

Times you
Library Materials & Services Value of
Your Use


This worksheet has been adapted from the Massachusetts Library Association. How the values were calculated.


What Do You Think?

We'd love to hear what you think about this dollar value of your library use - and any general comments on the service the library provides.
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