Hold Lists Gotcha Down? Feels like it's Miles-Long?

We know how the story goes: Stephen King releases a new thriller and suddenly the hold list is 75 deep and growing, or the next book in a popular series is already looking at 43 holds a month before its release. Maybe it’s the latest book-to-movie blockbuster and you're scrambling to get your hands on the book before catching it on the big screen, NoveList can help.

Whether you're looking to find another twisted, creepy thriller, a series read-alike, or even a listen-alike for all you audiobook fans, you can find something you'll love with just a few clicks in NoveList.

Read Away Your Fines

K-12 students can have their late fees forgiven just by reading books! Books must be read in the library, in view of a library employee. (Be sure to let the librarian know you're going to be reading away your late fees before you start so they'll know to set the timer!) You get $1.00 in late fees forgiven for every 15 minutes you read! For more information, talk to the Children's Librarian at your branch.

We cannot forgive lost or damaged material fees.

Overdrive Tips and Frequently Asked Questions

Overdrive Tips

Please be aware that when searching for e-book and e-audio holdings in Overdrive, you must be logged into your account in order to view the total number copies the library owns and their availability status.

Frequently Asked Questions

-How do I read library eBooks on my NOOK device?

If you are using a NOOK eReader (not a tablet), follow these instructions - please be aware, you will need to download and install Adobe Digital Editions (another piece of software) on your computer to get the books onto your NOOK.

-How many eBooks and/or eAudiobooks can I check out or place on hold?

You may check out a maximum of 12 eBooks and/or eAudiobooks at one time.

You may have a maximum of 10 eBooks and/or eAudiobooks on hold at one time.

-How do I renew Overdrive eBooks?

Three days (72 hours) before the book is due, you should have the option to renew the title. Start by opening up the Library's Overdrive website. Next, sign into your Library account using your Library Card number and PIN. Select "my account", and go to "loans." Now, select the title, and then click the renew button and follow the instructions. IF THE RENEW BUTTON DOES NOT APPEAR, that means that someone else has a hold on that title and you will not be able to renew it.

-How do I return Overdrive eBooks from a Kindle/Kindle-enabled device?

Unfortunately, at this time, you are unable to return e-books downloaded for Kindle through the Overdrive app. Instead, follow these steps:

1) Log into your account on Amazon.com. From the Amazon homepage, under “Your Account”, select Manage Your Content and Devices.”

2) You will be prompted to re-enter your Amazon login and password; log in as instructed.

3) A list of all your digital content will be displayed. All Overdrive titles will have “Borrowed” listed next them. When returning a title, click on the box with the ellipsis (…) next to the title you wish to return and select “Return this book.”

-How do I remove the covers of already returned e-books from my Kindle library?

1) Login to Manage Your Kindle

2) Select “Borrows” from the dropdown box second from the left.

3) Under “Actions” select the box with an ellipsis and another box will pop up showing the borrowed/expired item. Select “Delete.”

4) Sync your Kindle and the cover will disappear from your device’s library.

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