NOOK: eBooks from OverDrive

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Getting Started

You can install OverDrive Media Console (OMC) from the NOOK store on a NOOK Color, Tablet, HD, or HD+. These NOOK devices are based on Android, so you can use Android instructions to borrow and enjoy titles using OMC. Please use this article for those Android-based NOOKs.

The guide below is for NOOK models other than the Color, Tablet, HD, and HD+.

What you need

  • The USB cable for your NOOK

  • Adobe Digital Editions for Windows or Mac

  • A library card

How it works

  1. Install software

    Install Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) on your computer to transfer library eBooks to your NOOK. You will also need to authorize your computer and your NOOK with an Adobe ID.

  2. Browse, check out, and download titles on your computer

    First, open our library's digital collection website (find it here) on your computer.

    Next, check out and download an EPUB or PDF eBook.

  3. Transfer and enjoy

    Library eBooks will download and open in Adobe Digital Editions (ADE). From there, transfer eBooks to your NOOK.

    Note: The NOOK HD and HD+ do not support transfers from ADE. If you have one of these devices, install OMC and borrow titles directly from your NOOK.

    Once you have transferred a library eBook, you can open and read it like you would any other eBook on your NOOK.

Guide retrieved from OverDrive's Self-Assist Portal